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Oct 5, 2012 11:00pm PDT
machine it was designed to deal with the real environment. you can't go down to the local exxon station and say we're going to buy some fuel. it's any source that is local liquid we ran to villages in bangladesh making electricity off the cow dung. we hope to build a sterling cycle generator. especially if we build these large kiosks, we'll bring in ways to store it because in this kiosk we'll put in battery systems. we'll start with they do have access to electricity. and then as technology becomes more advanced as mutar we'll deliver downtown, and it will create jobs, it will create the opportunity for people to get information, and they'll be areas notice of this device, these kiosks that are kept cool. not only for beverages but for vaccine and medication. and these things will be connected to the internet, to the world. when we start bringing all the partners together there will be basic needs water electricity communication, healthcare. we think mobile training, you know, through mobile devices that did not exist before in that environment, so it's a very very--it has wide
Oct 12, 2012 11:00pm PDT
behavior. these folks are in gridlock environment where they win overwhelmingly in the re-election. >> and you know why. i'm from nonpartisan redistricting. i think it's a disgrace disgrace what is going on. they draw their own lines. 80 out much follow the congress, if you don't have the competition that i have every day that keeps you fighting hard thinking hard, i don't rest. if you were guaranteed to win lieutenant governor for the rest of your life, maybe you wouldn't work as hard as you do. it affects everybody. the only elections you have right now if you run for congress is a primary within your own party and it publishes you to the edges on both sides. the middle is gone. >> gavin: how do you get the parties to give up. that's giving up power fundamental. as chair of our party nationally, that's the last thing you're advocateing for at the time. >> i did it, honestly, gavin because it's about our future, our country. it's not about winning seats. it's about what is right for the country. we all have to step up to the plate. i've never been shy from controversial things. it is what
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2